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About CalmGamers.com

21st Century is all about technology. There are many inventions that available nowadays and more in the future. One of the most influential technology in our life is a personal computer, which has many purpose for us from create writings, designings, programming, do calculations, and lately, for gaming.

PC Gaming has different taste than the older and more popular console gaming such as Sony Playstation, Xbox and Nintendo. But in terms of technology, PC gaming is more advanced than the console version. Instead of one package console that usually lasts for 5-8 years, PC can be upgraded (except for laptop that also comes in one package) and there’s always improvement in PC hardware. As PC popularity increase, many console game maker also launch its game on PC and vice versa so now it isn’t much difference in term of games.

Our Purpose

But here comes the question, as there are many hardware and gaming laptop available in the market,

– Should I go for PC or gaming laptop to be able to play my favorite games?

– which is the best component / gaming laptop that I can buy

– I have limited budget, which parts or laptop should I choose?

– I have no idea to build my gaming rig

For answering those question, CalmGamers.com is created to help people make the buying decision for computers especially hardware/components for gaming and gaming laptop. We will choose some of the best package and provide you vast information, and also some of the latest news, tips, previews etc from the PC gaming world. Hopefully we can provide the best solution for you.

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