By now we could have been so absorbed into Horizon Zero Dawn’s world with our protagonist Aloy in that beautiful open-world game. But do you already know that Aloy’s model actually based on the real person? So besides Ashly Burch to fill the Aloy’s voice, her model also based on a real actress.

The name is Hannah Hoekstra, thirty years old Dutch star. Revealed earlier in the year by Guerilla games, that to create Aloy’s face they used the actress facial traits.

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Aloy Hannah Hoekstra
Image Courtesy: Guerilla Games

The photo from Guerilla’s twit above also confirms the news. Not much time we need to find the resemblance between Aloy and Hannah, they sure look like twin sisters.

So, how about you? Are both of them really have similarities? Let us know what you think!

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