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The Best Racing Wheel 2017 Racing Fan Should Buy

The Best Racing Wheel 2017 PS4 Racing Fan Should Buy

Remember going to the arcade and spending 90% of your tokens on Cruisin’ USA, Hydro Thunder, Rush 2049, Outrun, Roadblasters, and Pole Position? Maybe that was just me. The common denominator...
Star Wars battlefront 2

More Upcoming PS4 Games 2017: SW Battlefront 2, Spider-Man, Destiny 2

In last month article about best upcoming PS4 games 2017, we have already mentioned some big titles that will release this year. In fact, there are actually some games that also...
PlayStation Weekly Update: The Witcher 4 and much more

PlayStation Weekly Update & News April 4, 2017: The Witcher 4, Sonic Mania and...

PS Plus April Free Games Are Out Drawn to Death and Lovers in a Dangerous Space Time make up the free April PS Plus games. Drawn to Death is David Jaffe’s latest game...
Bungie's Destiny 2

Destiny 2: What We Want From the Sequel

Destiny was Bungie’s foray into multi-platform gaming and it came with some grand plans and great expectations. Unfortunately, Destiny was only a fraction of what was promised. Destiny stumbled with baffling...
battlefield 1 they shall not pass review

Battlefield 1 They Shall Not Pass Review

The new maps have injected life into a game that was starting to feel stale. Battlefield 1 came out October last year and has gone the longest of any Battlefield game...

PlayStation Store Update March 28, 2017

MLB The Show ’17 MLB The Show ’17 is now available to play for everyone who enjoys the best game that portrays America’s pastime exclusively on PS4. This is PS4’s featured item...
Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Machine Combat Guide

Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Machine Combat Guide

Spoiler Alert! Beware! There are spoilers in the form of late game machines you will face contained in this article. If you would prefer to discover each machine naturally then do not...
PS Store Updates March 21 2017

PS Store Updates and Patches March 21, 2017

Horizon Zero Dawn Version 1.10 Horizon Zero Dawn just got its version 1.10 update. In this update, the ability to buy multiple items from vendors is being introduced. This will make buying...
Andromeda photo

The Mass Effect Andromeda Reviews Are In and It’s Quite Disappointing

Well, let’s just say the initial impressions were grim, and now that the embargo has lifted, we now know Mass Effect Andromeda doesn't improve much after the intro. At least, according...
playstation 4 firmware update 4.50 details

What’s New in Sony’s Version 4.50 Update for PS4?

You may have noticed your PS4 update to its newest version, 4.50. This anticipated update brings several new features to your PS4 many of which have been long desired. This article...