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Sonic title screen

Sonic Mania Collector’s Edition Preview

Sonic the Hedgehog games from the Sega Genesis era still elicit fond memories from gamers who experienced the fast-paced side-scrolling action. With the launch of the Dreamcast, the Sonic franchise found itself...
Horizon zero dawn

Horizon: Zero Dawn Collector’s Edition, What’ll You Get Inside?

Horizon Zero Dawn is one of the most anticipated games this year and has recently gone gold. The details on the collector's edition were recently announced and will come with a $119.99 price tag. The...
Ghost Recon Wildlands

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands Beta Update and Preview

With a beta around the corner, Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands is preparing for a March 7, 2017, release. You can sign up for the beta on Ubisoft’s website and will...
Battlefield 1 new french tank

Battlefield 1 “They Shall Not Pass” DLC Details Released

The first DLC coming out for Battlefield 1 will be the French-themed “They Shall Not Pass” DLC. Recently released photos show all four new maps and revealed the names of each....
Mass Effect

A Brief Look at Mass Effect: Andromeda

Update: January 27, 2017 - Mass Effect: Andromeda New Cinematic Trailer This new official cinematic trailer reveals some companion alongside Scoot or Sarah Ryder, your main playable character. This includes six teammates:...
For Honor: What to except

What to expect from For Honor

If you take the most feared warriors from the pages of history and imagine them colliding toe-to-toe on the battlefield, then you have the ingredients for an interesting game. Ubisoft has...

A Quick Look at Team Ninja’s Nioh and New Gameplay Video

Koei Tecmo Games and Team Ninja, the makers of the Ninja Gaiden and the Dead or Alive series, are back with a new title. Nioh has long been in development. Since...

Playstation Store Update 1/17/17: Deals, Free Games, Updates etc

With the second PlayStation Store update of the new year rolling out the PS4 has a few new games, deals on games, and pre-orders for upcoming titles. There are a few...