Persona 5 (PS4, PS3 – Retail & PSN) – April 4 (NA & EU)


Persona 5 continues to fill the ‘another day in the life of high school’ niche, with special powers! This time you’re a master thief, looking to overcome the challenges of high school in Tokyo. Explore the city, watch movies and take on burger eating contests. All the while maintaining your social status, attending class, trudging through a school year and building your relationship with your Persona (guardian spirit). This highly anticipated sequel is looking to fill some awfully big shoes left behind by Persona 4, and well… Basically the entire series. There’s definitely something worth getting excited about here.


Yooka-Laylee (PS4 – Retail & PSN) – April 11 (NA & EU)


Rare (Donkey Kong, Banjo-Kazooie) is back! Hopefully, this will rise above the bar and fill the niche for platformers, since they’ve kind of gone out of style. There have been lots of attempts to create that nostalgic feeling. Lots of ex-Rare staff should be able to procure that same feeling you used to get playing their games. The recipe is remaining the same, and everyone will be looking forward to Yooka-Laylee to explore huge levels with lots of collectibles.


Outlast 2 (PS4 – PSN) – April 25 (NA & EU)outlast 2

Outlast 2 is a single player, horror survival game made by Red Barrels, and is a continuation from their last title. This time, we’re in the Sonoran desert playing as freelance journalist “Blake Langermann,” investigating the mysterious murder of a pregnant woman. After getting separated in a helicopter crash, Blake must find his wife amidst a crazy village of fanatics who believe the end of the world has come. Rated 18+, so expect the usual gore and scariness carried over from its prequel.


Aaero (PS4 – PSN) – April 11 (NA & EU)aaero

Aaero comes from a micro-sized, 2man team at Mad Fellows. It seems like a game that blends fast-paced sci-fi shooting action with some impressive, immersive music. Together, they create this awesome game. Speed through wicked environments, absorbing energy from the music, evade enemies and take on epic bosses. The audio features bits and pieces from Noisia, Flux Pavilion, The Prototypes and more.


Butcher (PS4 – PSN) – April 25 (EU)butcher


Butcher is a 2d action platformer who’s motto is: ‘The easiest mode is Hard.’ The feel and atmosphere are akin to Doom or Duke Nuk’em since there is rocket shooting machine mega men swarming you from all angles. Flow between their attacks like butter, and lay waste to your enemies in this brutal, gory post-apocalyptic feeling shooter. Make sure to pay special attention to the excellently paced audio, that somehow seems to match up with the body parts flying everywhere!


Dragon Quest Heroes 2 (PS4 – Retail & PSN) – April 25 (NA), April 28 (EU)dragon-quest-heroes-06-02-15-2


DQH2 is a hack and slash made by Omega Force and has already been released in Japan earlier last year.  Heroes from different kingdoms team up to bring back peace to their homelands. It’s a mixup of Dynasty Warriors and Dragon Quest, this time with a bit more focus on the “RPG”, with treasures, random battles and lasting status ailments from poor weather. There’s also a two-player co-op option, and an all-new ‘Time Labyrinth.’ The Lab is a set of multiplayer-only levels for up to four players.

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Most of the people will go for Persona 5, but maybe you have some other options too. So, which game you’ll get this April?