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Best Upcoming PS4 Games 2017 and Beyond

This year is quite a "golden age" for PS4 gamers. There are so many great games include PS4 exclusives have been released, and the list of upcoming games only gets better...
PS Store Updates March 21 2017

PS Store Updates and Patches March 21, 2017

Horizon Zero Dawn Version 1.10 Horizon Zero Dawn just got its version 1.10 update. In this update, the ability to buy multiple items from vendors is being introduced. This will make buying...
The best PS4 external hard drives to buy in 2017

The best PS4 external hard drives to buy in 2017

Do you really need to increase PS4 HDD Capacity?  One of the biggest problems we facing with our PS4 is the HDD capacity. Imagine if you had a 500GB hard drive, which...
playstation 4 firmware update 4.50 details

What’s New in Sony’s Version 4.50 Update for PS4?

You may have noticed your PS4 update to its newest version, 4.50. This anticipated update brings several new features to your PS4 many of which have been long desired. This article...
best 4K Gaming TV 2017

The Best 4K Gaming TV’s To Check Out 2017

When you're shopping for TV's as a gamer, there are a few specific attributes you might want to look out for that could enhance your gaming experience especially for PS4 Pro,...

Horizon Zero Dawn Various Critics Review Roundup

Horizon Zero Dawn is about to launch Horizon Zero Dawn's launch is just about to happening. as such, reviews have started to surface ahead of the game's February 28 (March 1 in...
playstation 4 now supports external HDD2

PlayStation 4 Now Support External HDD Thanks To Upcoming 4.50 Update

In most of the PS4 forums, many of the questions by the users are how to upgrade PS4' HDD and whether the system supported external HDD. Well, the fact that it...
Free games

PS Plus Free Games For February 2017

PS Plus Free Games February 2017 for PS4 are LittleBigPlanet 3 and Not a Hero. To get these games for no extra cost, you have to be subscribed to the PS...
The Best PS4 Hard Drive Upgrades 2017

The Best PS4 Hard Drive Upgrades 2017

If you are a serious PS4 gamer, then you probably have quite a lot of games on your console. Since the modern games take up a lot of space on your hard...
The Best Cheap PS4 and PS4 Pro Bundle Deals in February 2017

The best cheap PS4 and PS4 Pro bundle deals in January 2017

PS4 is the best console right now in terms of games available. If you want to buy a new PS4, or want to upgrade to PS4 Pro, here we try to...