PS4 Slim Prevent Heat Underneath use Wii U stands

Simple Tricks to Prevent Heat Underneath the PS4 Slim (Updated)

Some of you probably have a new PlayStation 4 Slim by now. I have bought the Slim version in December instead of the regular version because it's smaller, more lightweight, and cooler....
Horizon Zero Dawn Best Weapons Loadout

Horizon Zero Dawn: The Best Weapon Loadout for any Combat Situation

There isn’t much depth to the weapons in Horizon Zero Dawn, but the variety of weapons allows for vastly different tactics when taken on enemies. One of the first things I...
Best-Selling PS4 Accessories You Definitely Should Check Right Now

Best-Selling PS4 Accessories 2017 You Definitely Should Check Right Now

For gamers' sake to enjoy the fullest of a game, sometimes just the console and the games are not enough. So a few addition, mainly some accessories are a necessary addition for...
The best PS4 external hard drives to buy in 2017

The best PS4 external hard drives to buy in 2017

Do you really need to increase PS4 HDD Capacity?  One of the biggest problems we facing with our PS4 is the HDD capacity. Imagine if you had a 500GB hard drive, which...
PS4 Firmware Update 4,55 2017

What’s New on the PS Store May 9, 2017

Tuesday is here, and that means new stuff on the PS Store. This week we have a few new games, and two publisher deals with excellent prices. New Games Strafe ($19.99): Revenant...
Horizon Zero Dawn GOTY contender

Is Horizon Zero Dawn a Game of the Year Contender?

Horizon Zero Dawn has been out for a week now, and I have put it in several hours of gameplay. Right off the bat, I can tell you this game is...
PS4 Pro

(Rumor) Will Sony Release The ‘PS4 Pro Slim’ In Near Future?

PS4 Pro has been out for a while now, and it's interesting to see how is the actual interest for the Pro from first-time console gamers or upgrade from standard PS4....
The last of Us

Best Upcoming PS4 Games 2017 and Beyond

This year is quite a "golden age" for PS4 gamers. There are so many great games include PS4 exclusives have been released, and the list of upcoming games only gets better...
But Now I’m Eager in Buying a PS4 Pro

I Was Sceptical At First, But Now I’m Eager in Upgrading to PS4 Pro

First time I heard about PS4 Pro is around the time I decided to switch from PC gaming for PlayStation 4. There are three options at the time: old PS4 Fat,...
Top 10 Best PlayStation 4 Games 2017 So Far

Top 10 Best PlayStation 4 Games 2017 So Far

We have to admit that in 2017 is already a great year for PS4. This year opens with so many great games released and exciting upcoming release games shortly. From the...