Horizon Zero Dawn Various Critics Review Roundup

Horizon Zero Dawn First Gameplay Hands-On Shows a Lot of Things

What's up with the prehistoric era games where we hunt robotic dinosaurs and explore the massive open world? Recently some dudes from IGN.com finally published they first gameplay hands on video...
4K HDR Gaming on PS4: An Introduction to 4K HDR

4K HDR Gaming on PS4: An Introduction to 4K HDR

4K HDR Televisions are going to be much more prevalent this year, and prices are beginning to look a bit more reasonable. Also, the PS4 Pro is available, and 4K HDR...
GT Sport - Where are the great PS4 racing games?

Where are the great PS4 racing games?

I have a special fondness for racing games, but it seems like these days great racing games are scarce on the PS4. While our Xbox One counterparts enjoy the wonderful Forza...
FF XV Updates april 2017

Final Fantasy XV Next Free Update on April 27th Details Revealed

So, Final Fantasy XV, one of the best recent JRPG (well, in my opinion), get another free update release next week on April 27th. Nova Crystallis stated that the update is...
The Best Cheap PS4 and PS4 Pro Bundle Deals in February 2017

The best cheap PS4 and PS4 Pro bundle deals in January 2017

PS4 is the best console right now in terms of games available. If you want to buy a new PS4, or want to upgrade to PS4 Pro, here we try to...
Horizon Zero Dawn GOTY contender

Is Horizon Zero Dawn a Game of the Year Contender?

Horizon Zero Dawn has been out for a week now, and I have put it in several hours of gameplay. Right off the bat, I can tell you this game is...

The 10 Best PS4 Games 2016, Missed It and You’ll Regret!

CalmGamers.com' 10 Best PS4 Games 2016 2016 will be over in a few days. In this year there are many great games released on PS 4, multiplatform or exclusives. These great games worth...
Free games

PS Plus Free Games For February 2017

PS Plus Free Games February 2017 for PS4 are LittleBigPlanet 3 and Not a Hero. To get these games for no extra cost, you have to be subscribed to the PS...
Best PS4 Bundle For Holiday 2016 You Can Buy Right Now

Best PS4 Bundle For Holiday 2016 You Can Buy Right Now

As we know, the holiday of 2016 is already coming. Some of you might be spent holidays on traveling with families, while the other prefer spent time at home and playing...
For Honor Open Beta peacekeeper

For Honor Beta, Here Is How To Get The Code

One of the most anticipated games for 2017, For Honor begins to start its beta version. The multiplayer third-person game that focuses on melee combat will be released on February 14th by...