Overwatch Origin edition deals

Game Deal: Overwatch Origins Edition for £22 at Amazon UK

Looking for play Overwatch and hoping for a discount? Then this is great news; Amazon UK is selling Blizzard’s Overwatch: Origins Edition game for a steal at just £22 (for Xbox...
4K HDR Gaming on PS4: An Introduction to 4K HDR

4K HDR Gaming on PS4: An Introduction to 4K HDR

4K HDR Televisions are going to be much more prevalent this year, and prices are beginning to look a bit more reasonable. Also, the PS4 Pro is available, and 4K HDR...
Star Wars battlefront 2

More Upcoming PS4 Games 2017: SW Battlefront 2, Spider-Man, Destiny 2

In last month article about best upcoming PS4 games 2017, we have already mentioned some big titles that will release this year. In fact, there are actually some games that also...
PS4 Pro Boost Mode Enhances Performance

Report: PlayStation 4 Pro Boost Mode Enhances Performance on Older Games

PlayStation 4 Pro has been out some time now, but not all games are already supported with the upgraded version. So now Sony plan to roll out new updates to enable older...
Andromeda photo

The Mass Effect Andromeda Reviews Are In and It’s Quite Disappointing

Well, let’s just say the initial impressions were grim, and now that the embargo has lifted, we now know Mass Effect Andromeda doesn't improve much after the intro. At least, according...

Best PS4 Releases For March 2017

March is packed with some fast paced combat, and lots of beautiful visuals. We'll get right to it. These are the best PS4 releases for March 2017. Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Wildlands Tom...
Horizon Zero Dawn Everything You Need to know

Horizon: Zero Dawn – Everything You Need to Know

Horizon: Zero Dawn is an open-world action RPG announced back in E3 2015. In this article we will cover the depth about Game mechanics, story, trailers, and interesting things awaits you from Horizon: Zero Dawn.

A Quick Look at Team Ninja’s Nioh and New Gameplay Video

Koei Tecmo Games and Team Ninja, the makers of the Ninja Gaiden and the Dead or Alive series, are back with a new title. Nioh has long been in development. Since...
Best-Selling PS4 Accessories You Definitely Should Check Right Now

Best-Selling PS4 Accessories 2017 You Definitely Should Check Right Now

For gamers' sake to enjoy the fullest of a game, sometimes just the console and the games are not enough. So a few addition, mainly some accessories are a necessary addition for...
Horizon Zero Dawn: Everything You Need to Know

Spoiler Free Horizon Zero Dawn Full Map Reveal

The Horizon Zero Dawn full map was recently leaked online and revealed a large map with different environmental themes. I am going to avoid any story details and descriptions of enemies during...