The PlayStation Pro 4K Video Gameplay Sample

As we know that Sony has just released PS 4 Pro on November 10, 2016. What's the difference between PS 4 Pro and regular version is it has already support 4K...
Andromeda photo

The Mass Effect Andromeda Reviews Are In and It’s Quite Disappointing

Well, let’s just say the initial impressions were grim, and now that the embargo has lifted, we now know Mass Effect Andromeda doesn't improve much after the intro. At least, according...
PS4 Pro Boost Mode Enhances Performance

Report: PlayStation 4 Pro Boost Mode Enhances Performance on Older Games

PlayStation 4 Pro has been out some time now, but not all games are already supported with the upgraded version. So now Sony plan to roll out new updates to enable older...
For Honor: What to except

What to expect from For Honor

If you take the most feared warriors from the pages of history and imagine them colliding toe-to-toe on the battlefield, then you have the ingredients for an interesting game. Ubisoft has...
GT Sport - Where are the great PS4 racing games?

Where are the great PS4 racing games?

I have a special fondness for racing games, but it seems like these days great racing games are scarce on the PS4. While our Xbox One counterparts enjoy the wonderful Forza...

Star Wars Battlefront 2 Rumors and Predictions

Now that Dice has rolled out its newest Battlefield title, it was time for them to look towards their next project. It turns out they already knew what it was going...
Free games

PS Plus Free Games For February 2017

PS Plus Free Games February 2017 for PS4 are LittleBigPlanet 3 and Not a Hero. To get these games for no extra cost, you have to be subscribed to the PS...
Why Should You buy A PlayStation 4 this year

Why Should You Buy A PlayStation 4 This Year (Either Pro or Slim)

Why Should You buy A PlayStation 4 this year? I guess most of you are asking and want to buy one, especially those who want to upgrade from either Xbox 360...
But Now I’m Eager in Buying a PS4 Pro

I Was Sceptical At First, But Now I’m Eager in Upgrading to PS4 Pro

First time I heard about PS4 Pro is around the time I decided to switch from PC gaming for PlayStation 4. There are three options at the time: old PS4 Fat,...
PS4 Pro

(Rumor) Will Sony Release The ‘PS4 Pro Slim’ In Near Future?

PS4 Pro has been out for a while now, and it's interesting to see how is the actual interest for the Pro from first-time console gamers or upgrade from standard PS4....