Horizon Zero Dawn GOTY contender

Is Horizon Zero Dawn a Game of the Year Contender?

Horizon Zero Dawn has been out for a week now, and I have put it in several hours of gameplay. Right off the bat, I can tell you this game is...
Aloy From Horizon Zero Dawn Actually Based on Real Actress

Aloy From Horizon Zero Dawn Actually Based on Real Actress; Meet Her Now

By now we could have been so absorbed into Horizon Zero Dawn's world with our protagonist Aloy in that beautiful open-world game. But do you already know that Aloy's model actually based...
Horizon Zero Dawn cinematic 2

Horizon Zero Dawn First Impression: A Dramatic Experience Never Seen Before

The Horizon Zero Dawn is already a hype even long before its released at the end of February. Finally, I managed this game a hands-on couple of days ago, and I tried...

Horizon Zero Dawn Various Critics Review Roundup

Horizon Zero Dawn is about to launch Horizon Zero Dawn's launch is just about to happening. as such, reviews have started to surface ahead of the game's February 28 (March 1 in...
Horizon Zero Dawn

Horizon Zero Dawn New Trailers : Explore The Wild and Overwhelming Odds (Update)

A few hours ago the new trailers for Horizon: Zero Dawn are released, Explore The Wild and Overwhelming Odds. You can watch the trailers below: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=StsLG1hqD2M In "Explore the Wilds", the trailer explains that you...
horizon zero dawn new trailer advertise ps4 pro

The Horizon Zero Dawn New Trailer Are TV Commercial?

As the hype for Horizon: Zero Dawn are on the high, more and more new trailers and gameplay hands-on video for the game is coming. Ahead of its launch on February...
Horizon Zero Dawn: Everything You Need to Know

Spoiler Free Horizon Zero Dawn Full Map Reveal

The Horizon Zero Dawn full map was recently leaked online and revealed a large map with different environmental themes. I am going to avoid any story details and descriptions of enemies during...
Horizon: Zero Dawn More Monsters Detail Revealed : Thunderjaw

Horizon: Zero Dawn More Monsters Detail Revealed in Videos

Horizon: Zero Dawn is coming in less than three weeks, lot more hands-on video and trailers also coming up. In the latest video series launched by the PlayStation official Youtube, more Horizon: Zero...
Horizon Zero Dawn Various Critics Review Roundup

Horizon Zero Dawn First Gameplay Hands-On Shows a Lot of Things

What's up with the prehistoric era games where we hunt robotic dinosaurs and explore the massive open world? Recently some dudes from IGN.com finally published they first gameplay hands on video...
Horizon zero dawn

Horizon: Zero Dawn Collector’s Edition, What’ll You Get Inside?

Horizon Zero Dawn is one of the most anticipated games this year and has recently gone gold. The details on the collector's edition were recently announced and will come with a $119.99 price tag. The...