PS4 Pro

(Rumor) Will Sony Release The ‘PS4 Pro Slim’ In Near Future?

PS4 Pro has been out for a while now, and it's interesting to see how is the actual interest for the Pro from first-time console gamers or upgrade from standard PS4....
PS Store Updates March 21 2017

PS Store Updates and Patches March 21, 2017

Horizon Zero Dawn Version 1.10 Horizon Zero Dawn just got its version 1.10 update. In this update, the ability to buy multiple items from vendors is being introduced. This will make buying...
GT Sport Closed Beta

Gran Turismo Sport Closed Beta Gameplay and Graphics Looks Impressive

The Gran Turismo Closed Beta was rolled out a few days ago, and some lucky gamers had the first chance to play them for the first time. Besides gameplay, the video showcasing...
playstation 4 firmware update 4.50 details

What’s New in Sony’s Version 4.50 Update for PS4?

You may have noticed your PS4 update to its newest version, 4.50. This anticipated update brings several new features to your PS4 many of which have been long desired. This article...

Best PS4 Releases For March 2017

March is packed with some fast paced combat, and lots of beautiful visuals. We'll get right to it. These are the best PS4 releases for March 2017. Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Wildlands Tom...
Middle-earth Shadow of War Official Trailers and Announcement 4

Here is Middle-earth: Shadow of War Official Trailers and Announcement

"A new Ring is forged…war awaits…and nothing will be forgotten. The next chapter begins with Middle-earth: Shadow of War" The sequel 2014's Shadow of Mordor has officially announced by Warner Bros titled...

Mass Effect: Andromeda New Gameplay Video Explains Combat Details

Mass Effect: Andromeda is the successor for the successful Mass Effect Trilogy released first on 2007.  Yesterday, Bioware published their first gameplay video series which explains more details on combat. The...
Nioh boss fight flawless barehanded

This Guy beats Some of Nioh’s hardest bosses Flawless with Barehanded

Have you played and finished Nioh, are you proud of it? Nioh, a samurai action game which set during Sengoku period of Japan, is very hype right now because of its smart combat...
Horizon Zero Dawn

Horizon Zero Dawn New Trailers : Explore The Wild and Overwhelming Odds (Update)

A few hours ago the new trailers for Horizon: Zero Dawn are released, Explore The Wild and Overwhelming Odds. You can watch the trailers below: In "Explore the Wilds", the trailer explains that you...
PS4 Sales Are Higher Than Ever, Sony In A Unique Position

PS4 Sales Are Higher Than Ever, Sony In A Unique Position

If you're reading this, chances are you probably own a PS4 by now. You might have also owned a PS2, It's almost expected at this point. Recently, Sony just posted their...