Horizon Zero Dawn Best Weapons Loadout

Horizon Zero Dawn: The Best Loadout for any Combat Situation

There isn’t much depth to the weapons in Horizon Zero Dawn, but the variety of weapons allows for vastly different tactics when taken on enemies. One of the first things I...
Horizon Zero Dawn GOTY contender

Is Horizon Zero Dawn a Game of the Year Contender?

Horizon Zero Dawn has been out for a week now, and I have put it in several hours of gameplay. Right off the bat, I can tell you this game is...
Aloy From Horizon Zero Dawn Actually Based on Real Actress

Aloy From Horizon Zero Dawn Actually Based on Real Actress; Meet Her Now

By now we could have been so absorbed into Horizon Zero Dawn's world with our protagonist Aloy in that beautiful open-world game. But do you already know that Aloy's model actually based...
Horizon Zero Dawn cinematic 2

Horizon Zero Dawn First Impression: A Dramatic Experience Never Seen Before

The Horizon Zero Dawn is already a hype even long before its released at the end of February. Finally, I managed this game a hands-on couple of days ago, and I tried...
PS4 Pro upgrade survey

A Gamers Survey: How Much is The Interest in Upgrade to PS4 Pro?

As the PS4 Pro has become more common (in our ear, at least) and a 4K TV no longer cost you much, I've just become curious how gamers will react to...
Use Gunnar glasses for gaming

Can You Damage Your Eyes from Long Gaming Sessions?

A gamer’s eyesight is extremely important and playing games for long hours can strain your eyes making you more susceptible to missing cues and making mistakes. As you grow older, screens...

Best PS4 Releases For March 2017

March is packed with some fast paced combat, and lots of beautiful visuals. We'll get right to it. These are the best PS4 releases for March 2017. Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Wildlands Tom...
Middle-earth Shadow of War Official Trailers and Announcement 4

Here is Middle-earth: Shadow of War Official Trailers and Announcement

"A new Ring is forged…war awaits…and nothing will be forgotten. The next chapter begins with Middle-earth: Shadow of War" The sequel 2014's Shadow of Mordor has officially announced by Warner Bros titled...

Evolution Of The Playstation DualShock Controller, And Why It Always Feels Great

The Sony Playstation has been at the head of gaming since I can remember. There’s just something about it that we’ve all come to expect and love it for. You know...
4K HDR Gaming on PS4: An Introduction to 4K HDR

4K HDR Gaming on PS4: An Introduction to 4K HDR

4K HDR Televisions are going to be much more prevalent this year, and prices are beginning to look a bit more reasonable. Also, the PS4 Pro is available, and 4K HDR...