Playstation 4 Buying Guide

Playstation 4 Buying Guide

The Best PS4 Hard Drive Upgrades 2017

The Best PS4 Hard Drive Upgrades 2017

If you are a serious PS4 gamer, then you probably have quite a lot of games on your console. Since the modern games take up a lot of space on your hard...
PS4 slim Uncharted 4 bundle

Best Seller PlayStation 4 Bundles on Amazon March 2017

If you have a plan to buy a PlayStation 4 soon, well, that's a right choice. PlayStation is currently at their golden age, with good selling amounts and great exclusive games...
The Best Cheap PS4 and PS4 Pro Bundle Deals in February 2017

The best cheap PS4 and PS4 Pro bundle deals in January 2017

PS4 is the best console right now in terms of games available. If you want to buy a new PS4, or want to upgrade to PS4 Pro, here we try to...
The Best Racing Wheel 2017 Racing Fan Should Buy

The Best Racing Wheel 2017 PS4 Racing Fan Should Buy

Remember going to the arcade and spending 90% of your tokens on Cruisin’ USA, Hydro Thunder, Rush 2049, Outrun, Roadblasters, and Pole Position? Maybe that was just me. The common denominator...
Best PS4 Bundle For Holiday 2016 You Can Buy Right Now

Best PS4 Bundle For Holiday 2016 You Can Buy Right Now

As we know, the holiday of 2016 is already coming. Some of you might be spent holidays on traveling with families, while the other prefer spent time at home and playing...

Get Final Fantasy XV at Discounted Price now

Today I browse in some gaming news as usual and find out something interesting. The Final Fantasy XV is got 20$ off its regular price on Amazon! So the usual $59.99 price...