Destiny 2,  revealed by Bungie during a live conference May 18th, hit us with a torrent of information. Bungie announced many new features for Destiny 2 and showed some gameplay.

Destiny 2 New Features

  • Clans: Clans will offer more depth than the basic clan identifiers from the original Destiny. Players who join a clan will contribute to the clan by completing activities. Clans can gain experience and rewards by playing together. Clans should encourage more players to join groups which will lead to more players having friends to tackle Nightfall Strikes and Raids.
  • Guided Games: Another feature to help solo players find groups to tackle raids with is the new Guided Games matchmaking. Guided Games will allow clans to take on solo players to fill in a spot needed to complete a raid or other co-op activities.
Destiny 2 PS4 Cover
  • 4v4 Crucible: All Crucible events are going to a 4v4 format to give players a chance to learn their teams and hone their tactics. Small teams of four can stick together and take certain roles as opposed to the lone-wolf kill fest of Destiny’s Crucible.
  • New Classes: Bungie revealed that the Guardians would lose their connection to the Traveler, therefore, losing their powers. However, they will gain new powers that look suspiciously like the older powers. Titans have a new shield super that turns them into a void-powered Captain America with a ricocheting shield. The new Titan class is called the Sentinel.
    Hunters traded in their arc-blades for arc-staffs and are now called A. Now Hunters zip from enemy to enemy in an electro-acrobatic dance and a badass staff. Warlocks, the most OP (overpowered) class in PVE combat has an even more godly power now. Warlocks, with a new class, called the Dawnblade, now fly and rain down fiery swords of death that seem to explode on contact. They also get the cool superhero with a sword landing that does area-of-effect damage during their super.
  • New Worlds: There are new worlds to explore like Nessus, Titan, and Io. Earth, listed as a new area, means we will, likely, explore new areas of Earth not accessible in the first Destiny.
  • New Activities: Live events going on will be labeled on the map making it easier to participate in world events and other public events. Destiny 2 will have side quests that will expand on the lore of Destiny. The social space will return, but the Tower will not be back for obvious reasons.


  • New Weapon System: Weapons have three classes distinguished by kinetic weapons, energy weapons, and power weapons. Bungie is allowing more flexibility with your loadout in Destiny 2. Hopefully, this eliminates the restrictive loadouts of the first Destiny. Having more freedom to have different types of weapons will reduce the time spent in the menu switching weapons for each situation.
  • PC: All you PC master-racers will finally get your hands on the console goodness that is Destiny. Also, Blizzard will be the only place you can get Destiny 2 on PC with


The Campaign

The trailer shows the Red Legion, a faction of the Cabal, attacking the Tower and destroying the old social space while attaching a ship to the Traveler. The Speaker is gone, and the Guardians are left vulnerable without their source of power. The Guardians reclaim their powers and take the fight to the Red Legion.Strike team

It looks like Bungie has learned from their storytelling mistakes of Destiny. There are new areas with NPCs that give out quests. These quests will, hopefully, flesh out the lore of Destiny 2 without the need to read grimoire cards on my phone or computer.

Bungie stated during the live conference that Destiny 2 would have more cinematics than the first Destiny. That isn’t setting the bar very high. However, I still have faith in Bungie knowing how cinematic the Halo trilogy was.

Game Info

Destiny 2

  • Release date: 8 September 2017
  • Formats: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC
  • Developer: Bungie
  • Price: Check The Price