Destiny was Bungie’s foray into multi-platform gaming and it came with some grand plans and great expectations. Unfortunately, Destiny was only a fraction of what was promised. Destiny stumbled with baffling oversights and exploits that gave players an unfair advantage in the beginning months. Eventually, though, Destiny recovered with great DLC content and annual events paired with quality of life fixes that simplified the economy and the path to a higher light level. Now, Bungie has an opportunity to right the ship and deliver a game free of the original Destiny’s flaws.

A Coherent StoryStrike team

One of Destiny’s biggest flaws was the lack of a coherent story and the story’s delivery. Destiny 2 has a unique opportunity to deliver a cinematic campaign that embraces the lore of Destiny’s universe. The scenes with the Awoken from the House of Wolves DLC stood out as a glimpse of what Bungie is capable of when it comes to what they could accomplish with Destiny. We know Bungie can make a cinematic game, just look at the original Halo trilogy.

Discovering the lore behind Destiny was a tedious effort. Most of the lore was hidden in grimoire cards that were unlocked through finding dead Ghosts and other methods. To read the lore on the grimoire cards, you had to go to an entirely different device and access your account through Bungie’s website or the Destiny Companion App. This meant that a good portion of the story wasn’t even contained in the game itself.

The story directly involving your Guardian was parsed out to the player in short conversations when loading into a planet or short cinematics that didn’t have time to explain why they didn’t have a chance to explain.

Give us longer cinematics. Destiny’s characters are interesting and deserve more screen time. The cut-scenes in Destiny were impressive, and we could use more of that. Take that opportunity to give us more exposition too.

More Options for Solo PlayersCayde 6

Some people are introverts, and the idea of coordinating raid groups with other people ruins the experience they are looking for. Matchmaking took some of the anxiety out of finding a random group to play with, but the game didn’t have matchmaking for every game mode.

Raids and Nightfall Strikes were especially tough on solo players since there was no matchmaking. All game modes should offer matchmaking. Players may encounter incompetent groups, but they are at least getting more opportunities to complete Raids and Nightfall Strikes.

Also, the opportunity to make friends with complete strangers in the crucible of combat may prove to be a better path to finding fellow guardians to play Destiny with than Looking for Group sites scattered across the internet.

A Smarter EconomyCabal

The Destiny economy became so convoluted at one point that my inventory was getting full from various currencies and materials needed for different pieces of armor or weapons. The materials and special currencies were all artificial hurdles put in place to cover up a lack of content. Once DLC started rolling out, we saw the currencies and crafting system streamlined into a more user-friendly process.

No Artificial Hurdles and a Smarter Loot SystemAd

At certain points in Destiny, players would hit a brick wall when it came to increasing their light level. This hurdle became obvious when you saw the scores of guardians stuck around a particular light level in the Tower. The only way past these obstacles was the mind-numbing grind of Raids, Strikes, Crucibles waiting for Xur, and random chances with decrypted Engrams from the Cryptarch.

Destiny 2 should allow players who invest the time to have a smooth path to a higher light level. Give players who aren’t as skilled the opportunity to raise their light level without having to join Raids and Nightfall Strikes underpowered. If you give players this opportunity, they may be more inclined to join Raid groups and tackle harder content when they have better gear. Gear and Light Level are necessary for Destiny and creating a clear path to a higher light level without arbitrary obstacles would be a great step in the right direction.

Loot Cave 2: Cryptarch BoogalooLoot Cave

On second thought, no.

Check also the Destiny reveal trailer below: