Call of Duty (CoD) is returning to its roots as a “boots-on-the-ground” first-person shooter. They are also returning to one of the most popular settings of the first-person shooter genre, WWII. Fans of the series who were growing tired of the futuristic combat with jump-jets and wall-running are excited again.

Back to World War 2

Fans of CoD have asked for a return to “boots-on-the-ground” combat for a while. The frenetic pace of jump-jets and wall-running have been present for three CoD games and seemed to peak with Black Ops 3. When the reveal of Infinite Warfare, it was met with a huge backlash from a community whose patience with the frenetic future-combat gameplay had worn thin.

WhenCoD: WWII was announced, it met the complete opposite reaction of Infinite Warfare. However, there is still the challenge of creating a gaming experience online that keeps up the momentum of the juggernaut series. WWII is rich with material but may slow down the gameplay that has become familiar in the last three CoD titles.

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New Multiplayer Features

Everyone knows the bread and butter of CoD is multiplayer. Going back to WWII means no more jump-jets and wall-running. However, can the developers, Sledgehammer Games, create a unique experience that takes the series forward in gameplay while simultaneously going back in time. It’s possible if you look at last year’s Battlefield 1. DICE managed to create an engaging multiplayer experience in a WWI setting.

Sledgehammer games are already letting us in on some of the new details of the new CoD. One of the things that stood out to me was the new “War” mode. War mode will pit players against each other during iconic WWII battles. The rumor of player count is 48 allowing a 24 versus 24 game mode that would be the largest ever CoD mode. However, this has not been confirmed by Sledgehammer games.Cod Normandy

Each player will now be able to join divisions that will represent different roles in the game. This feature may mean they introduce some class-based gameplay. Players may be able to take more of a support role that changes the gameplay up from killstreaks to support for teammates.

One of the new features already introduces is the Headquarters. This community hub will be an area where players can hang out without the worry of getting sniped or fragged. Imagine Destiny’s Tower but with more people.CoD Headquarters

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Campaign Details

The campaigns of CoD games are surprisingly good. They offer action set pieces and entertaining storylines that are packed into a tight 5 to 10-hour campaign. Actors Josh Duhamel, Jonathon Tucker, and Jeffrey Pierce are lending their acting talents to this WWII story. The campaign follows one soldier from Texas as he takes part in some of WWII’s greatest battles.CoD Scene


Pre-order Details

If you pre-order the game you will automatically get access to the beta release. There three versions of the game listed on the CoD website. The standard version will include the base game for $59.99. You can get the Digital Deluxe edition which includes the Season Pass for $99.99. The Pro version comes with a steel book, physical copy of the game, extra content, and the Season Pass for $99.99.