Are you Fallout fans? If yes, then you’ll need to know this: A Fallout official tabletop RPG board game called Wasteland Warfare is on the way. The creator is @Modiphius, the creator of Thunderbirds Board Game and several tabletop games based on the Conan, Infinity universes, and DUST. If you didn’t know already, on typical tabletop RPG players take turns across the battlefield by moving their plastic miniatures, set up the assaults or accomplishing missions. The Wasteland Warfare is already getting Bethesda’s approval, so this is a Fallout licensed board game.

(Updated April 27, 2017)

More details of the Fallout: Wasteland Warfare

In Fallout: Wasteland Warfare, you can play in an apocalyptic setting with the selection of crew from Fallout series. The game use 3 – 30 high quality 32mm scale resin miniatures of iconic building and wreckage well-known in the series such as Nuka-Cola machines, wrecked vehicles, Red Rocket, or Sanctuary Hills.
Fallout: Wasteland Warfare will introduce story campaign and random missions with various objectives. You can upgrade the crew’s survivability power from weapons, gear, or perks using Crew Caps collected from the missions. The board game also prepares the customizable single-player AI deck to control enemies to defend themselves or attacking. You can also play co-op with a friend against those AI  teams or survive in wasteland’ post-apocalyptic threat.

Sole Survivor and Dogmeat in fallout Wasteland Warfare
Sole Survivor and Dogmeat. Image Courtesy:

So, you can play it as single player, PvP, and co-op tabletop mission. Do you want to play against your rival? Or doing co-op? Or in the mood to play on your own? Then all is possible!

Oh yeah, don’t worry for Dogmeat fans, he also takes part in the game.

You can also check below for a few questions from fans via Twitter answered by @Modiphius:

So it does not only involve Fallout 4 world but also other titles too which is pretty exciting. I’m very excited for the Wasteland Warfare as I never experienced any Fallout board game before.

The official release date for the Wasteland Warfare. For more info on official release date, you can join Modiphius’ mailing list here