With the release hype dying down, hopefully by now everyone has played and beat Final Fantasy XV. It’s past its honeymoon stage and now progressing onto its second life, with a season pass and DLC in the future. If you haven’t picked it up yet, we highly recommend it! FFXV is so good, it merits a re-play to explore everything offered. See our review here.

The second life is an important moment in the life of a video game. Many games don’t get continued development and support, because they don’t hold interest, or keep up in sales. A good example of this is Fallout 4. Fallout 4 offers a ‘Season Pass‘ (like many “AAA” titles this year). By purchasing the season pass, buyers had full access to 10-15 more hours of unique gameplay.


Play It Again

It seems like some of the already patched, free features include added cut scenes for story clarity, bug fixes, gameplay and camera adjustments to improve player experience. This is the equivalent of a ‘Day One’ patch. However, FFXV has recently released another patch  (just in time for the holidays) adding some new features and loot for players to customize their replay experience.

New Game + is a staple for good RPG’s because it allows you to restart a game from the beginning.  You can carry over most of your gear and stats from your previous save file (See: Chrono Trigger, Nier, Dark Souls II). There are so many side quests, explorable locations with events, hunts, and unique monsters in Final Fantasy. Players will often want to re-visit areas of the game or replay the entire game itself, challenging themselves further. All Final Fantasy titles boast several side boss fights harder than the final fights themselves.

The NG+ patch also includes items for players to customize their second play through. You can now limit experience gains, which enables you to keep things somewhat challenging while you get that 100% clear achievement. You’ll also get a new t-shirt, and gain access to a limited time event taking place later this month.

What’s In For Me?

With the season pass already paid for by some and confirmed to be near completed by Square Enix, here’s a look at what’s to come:

  1. Booster Pack
  2. Episode Gladiolus
  3. Episode Ignis
  4. Episode Prompto
  5. Expansion Pack

3 of the 6 DLC’s are to be individual chapters for each of the Chocobros. If you’ve ever heard of or watched the Brotherhood series, you’ll have an idea of what to expect. Character development is always something exciting to look forward to since it gives you a broader, more tasteful view of the entire story. Earlier last year at the  ‘FFXV Unveiled’ event, Square Enix showed off a demo which introduces the possibility of receiving a PSVR experience in Episode Prompto. Absolutely something to look forward to for FF buffs, and PSVR buyers alike.

Prompto VR! With Selfies!
Prompto VR! With Selfies!

There are several reports of large unused zones in the world accessible only by glitching out of the currently available world. No NPC’s, monsters or loot, only roads that lead to new adventures, and places to explore. Rumors say this is where the DLC content and added adventures will take place. The season pass (25$) will bring an hour or so of gameplay per chapter, adding some replay value.

Booster Pack doesn’t give away much with its name. However, we can speculate some additional in-game customization such as appearances, the Regalia, and perhaps playable party members. Players can probably also expect more recipes, photo filters, and events to take part in.  It’s clear that the season pass is worth its money since there is a high level of detail, and effort put into the game post-release.

Online CO-OP

The most exciting thing Square Enix has confirmed so far is online co-op for the DLC packs. Now, players can take on the new areas in Eos together online, rather than face reclaiming the throne alone!! This will be a first time thing for Square Enix since they have made strictly single player games since anyone can remember. (Not counting FFXI, FFXIV, or FFIX). This is a longtime dream for many players, opening the door for some interesting options in future titles. Who doesn’t want to drive around with their friends in the Regalia, or race on Chocobos? Fishing Contests.


However, several single-player games have added in or included multiplayer, but it’s sometimes done incorrectly, at a subpar level. There is a very basic expectation from online players, and some gameplay options need to be present. For example, item exchange must be simple and efficient. Will these items transfer into solo play? EXP, AP, and GIL must be provided evenly for all players, as well as voice communications. Will Square Enix host servers? or will it be a ‘Peer-to-Peer’ type of lobby? These are the expectations, and important things that need to be done right to nail this multiplayer experience.

Rumors suggest that multiplayer will only be available for DLC Episodes, meaning an online engine for only a few hours gameplay. Load times are also (one of the few) a significant source of frustration in FFXV. I imagine they will reach unplayable lengths (GTA V anyone?).

Final Note

While I’m extremely excited to play Final Fantasy with my friends, one can only hope it involves the entire story and not a small part of the game. There are a lot of expectations and standards to meet! It’s safe to say we should eagerly be looking forward to more content. Final Fantasy so far gives a good feeling about the season pass, and DLC to come. Stay tuned for more Chocobo races, fishing and photos, character development, and basically all the fun things you’ve come to enjoy.