It seems like a majority of the games that come out these days are open world games. Open world games, by their very nature, are time-consuming and require a big commitment. This means you may miss out on some titles because you opted for something else. Metal Gear Solid V overshadowed Mad Max’s release. There are those who purchased a PS4 more recently and may not be aware of some of the earlier open world titles the PS4 had to offer.


Fallout 4

The wasteland in the Fallout series has always been full of mysteries, danger, and quirky characters. Fallout 4 is the newest version of the Fallout series, and each title has a standalone character, so you don’t have to worry about catching up on the story. The best way to play Fallout is to go into the game as blind as possible; it sets up a unique experience that lets you feel like a real lone wanderer.

Fallout 4 power armor

Even though the game takes place in a nuclear wasteland, it is teeming with people and critters both friendly and not. The series is a cross between first-person-shooter and R.P.G.

Exploring the wasteland in the Fallout series rewards you for your curiosity but equally, punishes you if you push your luck. Preparation involves crafting gear, finding good companions, and finding bottle caps to stock up on Stimpacks. Fallout 4 adds a new element of managing settlements and crafting almost everything the settlements need.

Fallout 4 Screenshot

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Mad Max

The legend of Mad Max is perfectly encapsulated in this game. The graphics look great, and the car combat is ridiculous fun. The hand-to-hand combat is crisp and borrows from the Batman Arkham series style of combat.

The story is almost non-existent, and the map is full of tedious activities. The thing that saves this game is how fun traveling is. The car combat never gets old because of the variety of enemies you face and the different cars they drive. Some enemies will get ahead of you and drop mines or use a flamethrower while others try ramming you or carrying enemies that jump onto your car and attack Max. Max and his Magnum Opus (Max’s new car in the game) are equipped with several weapons that can be upgraded.madmaxfisticuffs

The hand-to-hand combat is also perfect for this game. The hits are brutal and bone-crunching, and Max can be upgraded to take more damage, and dish it, as you grow his reputation.madmaxarmor

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Infamous Second Son

One of the launch titles for PS4 still stands out as a great open world title featuring a new hero for the series. The gameplay in Infamous Second Son is a lot of fun because of the type of superpower Delsin, the main character, has. Delsin is a conduit which means he can absorb different things and become them. In Infamous Second Son Delsin can use whatever element he has absorbed to attack his enemies and subdue them or kill them.

Infamous Second Son uses a morality system that unlocks two different endings to the game. The game is entertaining enough for two playthroughs, and the world is filled with collectibles to encourage exploration.


The open world takes place in Seattle, Delsin’s home. You can scale the famous Space Needle and visit other famous Seattle locations.Infamous_Second_Son_gameplay

Horizon Zero Dawn

This is the most recent game on this list, and it has become one of my favorite games of all time. The open world of Horizon Zero Dawn is gorgeous and sets a new benchmark for the PS4. The story of Aloy is original, well told, and executed perfectly.Horizon Zero Dawn GOTY contender

HZD combines all the elements of a great open world game and trims the fat and excess that weigh down many games. Crafting is simple, combat is crisp, and there is little micromanagement of inventory and weapons.

Horizon Zero Dawn Weapon
One arrow, one kill! Well, except for those elites. This is what you need to buy this weapon. Photo Credit: Mel Benyahia

The world is stunning at any time of day and had me using the photo mode more than I have in any game before. The exploration is simple with an easy to read map and travel are simple with fast travel or riding one of the machines.Horizon Zero Dawn cinematic 1

It may be a bit early to call, but Horizon Zero Dawn with Uncharted 4 are probably two of the best games to come out over the PS4 life-cycle. So, what is your favorite open-world game? Feel free to comment below!

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