As the PS4 Pro has become more common (in our ear, at least) and a 4K TV no longer cost you much, I’ve just become curious how gamers will react to the latest PlayStation’s console. This is the upgraded version of standard PS4 with 1 TB storage and twice the specs of the standard PS4. Hence this means now the console already support playing in 4K resolution with HDR display.

A Mini-Survey About PS4 Pro Upgrade Result

As far as I concern, there are four options to consider right now: upgrade to PS4 Pro along with 4K+HDR TV, stay with current PS4 (Fat or Slim) and upgrade to 4K TV (hope some upscaling work here), upgrade to PS4 Pro and stay with current TV set up (to use Boost mode), or stay with current PS4 and TV setup.

So, whichever setup you choose, recently I conduct a mini survey aiming for PS4 users at the forum in facebook. The main goal here is to know how much is the interest for PS4 users to upgrade especially to PS4 Pro. But this doesn’t correlate to 4K TV upgrade yet. This is the result in Pie Chart:

Interest in upgrade to PS4 pro survey
Interest in upgrade to PS4 pro survey

What gamers think of PS4 Pro

A total of 1413 gamers participate in the survey, and the result is quite interesting for me. A majority of the gamers, at 66% said that they are not interested doing an upgrade and will stick to their fat/slim version. Most of them prefer waiting for next PlayStation 5 although the official info regarding that is not announced yet. PS5 is probably still quite a while till officially announced. The gamers that choose this option mostly also aren’t too impressed with 4K gaming or impressed but consider that isn’t too important, good gameplay is what matter the most for them. The other reason is the hardware jump is not that significant for them (although in fact, the PS4 Pro is twice as powerful as the standard PS4) and they prefer to choose PC gaming instead for 4K gaming.

ps4 pro
PS4 Pro TV commercials

The next 20% will probably do an upgrade in one or two years and only 9% said that they already have a PS4 Pro. This is also quite interesting because I thought that more of this percentage that already has the PS4 Pro. Only 3% stated that they will buy PS4 pro soon.

If combined with gamers that already have a PS4 Pro, a 32% of gamers that are interested in PS4 Pro already have or will upgrade to PS4 Pro. The rest 2%, however, is unsure whether to upgrade or stay with the current version.

At first, I thought that most of the PS4 gamers do really care about PS4 Pro, but the survey says it isn’t so. In fact, most of them aren’t really impressed with the upgrade and prefer waiting for next gen console (preferably PlayStation 5). In my opinion, if you really care about 4K gaming or already have a 4K TV, PS4 Pro is a sensible option. Otherwise, if you are content with your current PS4, you may choose not to upgrade or just purchase a 4K TV for upscaling instead. So, how about you? Are you interested doing the upgrade?


  1. it’s delightful to read this survey report. This is the type of content for playstation fans that needs to be given and not the accidental misinformation that is at the other blogs. Appreciate your sharing, thanks for the report