Have you played and finished Nioh, are you proud of it? Nioh, a samurai action game which set during Sengoku period of Japan, is very hype right now because of its smart combat and challenging boss fight (also not mention its similarities to successful Dark Souls Series).

Now, this guy, Ryan Wijaya, has just beaten some of Nioh’s hardest bosses barehanded and armorless (only with Adam’s short white pants). His result are amazingly flawless!

Ryan is a hardcore fan of Dark Souls series and Bloodborne. Surely, a game similar to those like Nioh would be one of his main tasks to master. He posted his videos on his Facebook timeline, which the first two he still uses full armor and the next two videos he raises the challenge by not wearing armor at all. You may watch his video in action below:

Tachibana Muneshige Fist Parry only Flawless (Lv.34, with skill Composure + Carnage Talisman)

Joro-Gumo boss fight with Barefist Flawless ( He used carnage + talisman of fist)

Yuki-onna boss fight with Barefist Flawless

White Tiger boss fight with Bare Fist Flawless

Do you still struggle with Nioh and think about achieving the same result? And what do you think of his fight and effort? Feel free to comment below!