Following the same advice, I gave in the weapons guide, I am going to recommend the best very rare purple armor sets that you should buy as soon as you can. Waiting until the very rare armors are available to you and you can afford them is better than wasting metal shards on rare blue armors.

Don’t Forget Your Free Treasure Chests

As you meet new vendors on your adventure they will have new items to offer. You should always check with new vendors to get your free treasure box for new customers.

Nora Survivor Heavy Armor

The first time you see the Nora Survivor Heavy armor, buy it. It offers the best all-around protection for elemental attacks. Modify it with melee and projectile attributes and you have a bit of protection for anything that comes at you. This is the best armor to wear when roaming the wilds and hunting due to its versatility.

Horizon Armor
The best all-around armor! Photo Credit:Mel Benyahia

Oseram Arrow Breaker Heavy Armor

The second armor I recommend buying as soon as you meet a vendor that has it is the Oseram Arrow Breaker Heavy armor. This armor is best used for attacking other human enemies. As the name implies, this armor helps defends against ranged projectile attacks. With two modification slots, you can add a melee and fire defense considering those are two damage types you will encounter the most during bandit camp raids. This armor doesn’t look that great but does its job.

Oseram Arrow Breaker Heavy armo
Best armor for raiding Bandit Camps! Photo Credit:Mel Benyahia

Nora Silent Hunter Heavy Armor

The third armor I suggest buying is the Nora Silent Hunter Heavy armor. This could be your second choice depending on your play style, but I still think the Oseram Arrow Breaker armor is more useful if your plan for stealth falls apart. The Silent Hunter Heavy armor with added stealth mods makes you nearly undetectable. This armor is great for sneaking up on bigger machines to override them without getting the attention of other machines in the area. It’s exhilarating sneaking up on a pair of Thunderjaws to override one and start your own MechaGodzilla vs MechaGodzilla battle.

Horizon armor
They can’t see you! Photo Credit:Mel Benyahia

The Best Armor in the Game

Once you have those three you can fill out the rest of your collection if you see fit. The three armors I recommended will get you to the point when you can get access to the best armor in the game. You can unlock the best armor by progressing through the main story, but if you find the ruins in the Sacred Lands early in the game, you can get a sneak peek at it.

You will find the rest of the very rare armors and what you need to buy them below.

Horizon armor
Shock protection. Photo Credit:Mel Benyahia
Horizon armor
Melee defense. Photo Credit:Mel Benyahia
Horizon armor
No defense, three mod slots to customize your own defense. Photo Credit:Mel Benyahia
Horizon armor
Fire defense. Photo Credit:Mel Benyahia
Horizon armor
Corruption defense. Photo Credit:Mel Benyahia
Horizon armor
Frost protection. Photo Credit:Mel Benyahia