Horizon Zero Dawn is one of the most anticipated games this year and has recently gone gold. The details on the collector’s edition were recently announced and will come with a $119.99 price tag.

Horizon: Zero Dawn Collector's Edition, What'll You Get Inside?
All of the contents of the Horizon Zero Dawn Collector’s Edition. Photo Courtesy: Amazon.com

The most notable item in the collector’s edition is the 9″ statue of the main protagonist, Aloy. The statue was made by Gentle Giant, a toy statue manufacturer based out of Burbank, CA. Gentle Giant’s statues are quite expensive and very detailed. Most figures on their website exceed the cost of the Horizon Zero Dawn Collector’s Edition. Aloy stands upon a base that features one of the machine animals portrayed in the game.

Horizon: Zero Dawn Collector's Edition: Aloy Statue
Statue of Aloy. Photo Courtesy: Gameinformer.com

The game comes enclosed in a steel book case with artwork from Horizon Zero Dawn adorning the outside of the case. Additionally, there is a 48-page art book included in the collector’s edition.

Horizon zero dawn collectors edition box
Horizon Zero Dawn Box Photo Courtesy: Amazon.com

The Horizon Zero Dawn Collector’s Edition comes with codes for four pre-order packs containing the Banuk Traveler Pack, Carja Trader Pack, Nora Keeper Pack, and the Nora Machine Trapper Pack. These packs are available individually as pre-order bonuses from different vendors. Two exclusive outfits with matching bows for Aloy will be included with the pre-order DLC.

Gamers who pre-order also get an exclusive Horizon Zero Dawn-inspired PS theme to add to their collection. You can pre-order this collector’s edition here

(update) Here is the unboxing video:

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