The Horizon Zero Dawn is already a hype even long before its released at the end of February. Finally, I managed this game a hands-on couple of days ago, and I tried it soon after. There was nothing special as I just buy the standard edition of the game.

My Horizon Zero Dawn Hands On
My Horizon Zero Dawn Hands On (Standard Edition)

Before starting, there’s a small patch (v1.02) just around 220MB. That is quite a small update compare to other games, and I didn’t examine the details about it yet. The game was also installing itself first around ten-fifteen minutes. After finished installing, upon starting there is a cinematic opening scene with baby Aloy and Rost, the outcast who took care of Aloy.

Horizon Zero Dawn cinematic 1

From the beginning, I felt the graphic of the Horizon Zero Dawn is stunning even on the Full HD display. I thought it would display beautifully on 4K only (I use PS4 slim + Full HD TV). It very much looks like an artistic drawing of each frame. The light, sky, environments, and terrain all looks very colorful and beautiful. And yeah, the soundtrack is also great. After the cinematic, we can adjust the setting, view the extras, and start a new game.

Horizon Zero Dawn cinematic 3

First, we play the game as kid Aloy to learn about the control, movement, and how she find her ear device in an underground ruin, she accidentally fell. After finished the tutorial of how to use the device, we’ll be back outside with Rost that will next give the lesson how to gather useful plant to your adventures, how to stealth, and basic combat.

Horizon Zero Dawn first impression

After the basic training and another great cinematic, we now can start as fully trained and grown-up Aloy. You can begin to free roam and explore its open-world.

From what I saw here, the Horizon Zero Dawn (this far) has done an excellent job in explaining the storyline. They do this in a very narrative way and try not to rush the story (something that lacks in FF XV). Next is the setting, which has beautiful and vibrant open-world environment we rarely see before (maybe The Witcher 3?). And from the beginning, it has impressed me a lot with dramatic ways.

From my first impression here, I’ve never experienced a game this dramatic before. Not even with Uncharted 4 or FF XV. Horizon Zero Dawn is the type of game that once you get in, you wish you’ll never get out before it has finished (I also wish that I had more time in the Horizon’s world).

Horizon Zero Dawn cinematic mature Aloy

Also, check also my first 30 minutes of Horizon Zero Dawn below. So, have you got hands-on of the game and did you enjoy playing it? Feel free to comment below!