A few hours ago the new trailers for Horizon: Zero Dawn are released, Explore The Wild and Overwhelming Odds. You can watch the trailers below:

In “Explore the Wilds”, the trailer explains that you will discover and explore new frontiers, ancient mysteries and seek out unique artifacts in Horizon Zero Dawn as you journey through the post-post-apocalyptic world. Anyway, if you didn’t know yet it uses two ‘post’ because, in fact, the game’s setting is a millennium after the great catastrophe that destroyed civilization.

Just as other open world games, in your exploration you might discover some hidden areas contain secrets or rare items. Surely this is what gamers are hoping for, a journey and secrets that keep us engaged for many hours to come (what do you think, Platinum hunters?). In our main quest, we might be distracted and explore other areas we passed through (just as in Fallout 4) and find interesting side-quest or uncover new mysteries. But how much the excitement of the exploration, we will find out soon when the game is released.

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The “Overwhelming Odds”, however, gives hints of what challenge will face us in the outside world. As we journey through the wilderness, the dangerous machine will always be a threat at our every step where some are deadlier than the other. The machine also has their own intelligence and behavior, so likely there will be different combat strategies for each different species. Furthermore, they promise the combat will be full intense and tactical as you can scan enemies weaknesses also can use their detached body parts against them. There is also a freedom in choosing what strategy you adopt in defeating the machines. From stealthier, ranged, or in fierce close combat, it’s all your picks.

(Update February 18, 2017) Two more trailers, “Thrill of the Hunt” and “The Hero: Aloy” are shown, and you can watch those below:

These two trailers anyway are just a short one-minute trailers and look like come as the supplement for the “Earth is our no more” trailers. This videos also come with PS4 Pro advertisement in the end. So, have you watched the trailer, and what do you think of it? Let us know in the comments below!

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