Personally, I don’t want to, and I’m not kind of person who spends a lot of money into games. But just look at the 2017 release for PS4 that difficult to turn down: Horizon Zero Dawn, Persona 5, Gran Turismo Sport, Red Dead Redemption 2, etc. Besides, there are many great games in the past I haven’t played such as The Last of Us, Uncharted 4, The Witcher 3 and much more.

Are you willing to do some little work?

This makes me think, how to be able to play those games without costing too much? There are cheap game rents in my local city, but it’s usually has a long queue mainly for hits games. And for me renting a game is not practical; we must return the game before due time, where the renter place is not that close to my home, so it adds more cost in my opinion. Also, I have to deposit money the same amount with the game’s price, and that really sucks.

hunt some games
Apparently, we will need to “hunt” some games. Image Courtesy:

So, after thinking about it, I remember having the basic marketing and a little bit of business experience, so I tried to implement some business tricks in here. I know if you plan to spend a considerable budget on games or have no free times to trade with free games, then this post is no use for you. But if you are willing to do little work (they aren’t that hard, believe me), then I hope this tip is useful for you. There is maybe some different method and implementation because we live in different country and culture (I live in South East Asia) but I believe the mindset behind it is all the same. The Gamestop’s success with used PS4 games also become the inspiration for me. And if you have some questions or confuses about it feel free to ask and comment below.

Here are the steps needed

So, this is it; The first thing we need to do here is to find some local marketplace (kind of eBay) where people usually sells used games, try to look for items in different state or province. At least two or three of the marketplace is good. Next, try to find some local seller and ask them the full price list of used games. Then all you have to do is compare the local seller price list and the one from the marketplace. Which is higher? Is there any margin between the lowest and highest price?

For example, in the other cities, they usually sell used Uncharted 4 for $19-$21 where in my town it can be sold for around $23-$27. See some margins there? Some seller is also willing to negotiate the price! Try to research what games are selling well in your local area. You would want to buy the game from several marketplaces, and advertise it in your local market; I sell it on local OLX which is a free classified ads website. It called “product delivery” where some products will be psychologically more expensive than those in different areas.

How to get a PS4 Games for free with a little effort

In my country, Uncharted 4 in any conditions has great sales; I’ve sold three of it with a total profit of $13. My total sales this far from seven items (The Last of Us, three copies of Uncharted 4, Uncharted Collection, NFS Rivals, and Tomb Raider) generate a total profit of $27. Seems a little amount of money? How if you have some spare times and sell twenty of them? You can also play the game before you sell those (I’m doing this too).

Then I bought my old wishlist The Witcher 3 Complete Edition (new) discounted for $30, just add the profit above then I’m only paying $3 for The Witcher 3 Complete Edition! Want to get it for free? Just sell more Uncharted 4 game! I believe they are a potential money-maker here if you buy and sell it at the right price.

Before you try doing this…

Note also; it’s better if you transact with a person, not a shop because they will put profit margin and make the price higher. You must also only buy the best-selling games, so you’ll not be stuck with unsold games. There are some minor risk also if you miss calculated and stock on not well-selling games. I suggest to buy one or two first and see what happen. If it’s going fine, then you may continue. After selling 8-10 games, well, you can use the profit to buy a new game. I believe the implementation will not be that hard, especially the PS4 community are very positives with used game (they are cheaper!) and don’t bother if you gain some money re-selling them.

And remember this is not just games, though, you can implement this on almost any product you want. So, hopefully, this tricks useful and works well for you (if you decide to try it). Or perhaps you have any questions or suggestion? Feel free to comment below!