There were some rumors speculating yesterday (according to gtaforums via Gamespot) that several screenshots already leaked from Rockstar’s upcoming game Red Dead Redemption 2. But as it turns out, it’s just some images from a new MMO Wild West Online for PC. It was indeed looking very similar to Rockstar’s famous western game and many gamers thought so.

Here are the screenshots:
Wild west online 2 Wild west online 3 Wild west online 4

Wild west online 1

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The developer for the game is 612 Games, whose staff also involved on League of Legends and Crysis. 612 Games stated they get inspiration from Red Dead Redemption and want to bring the wild western world experience to PC. So, they develop this Wild West Online and will raise funds from Kickstarter later this month.

Interestingly, in Wild West Online they promise some features that Red Dead Redemption doesn’t offer. Here you can choose a specialization from the farmer, prospector, or gatherer and there is an economy system where you can put into the resource you’ve gained. Also, there is a law system, similar to Grand Theft Auto, where you will earn wanted stars if you commit some crimes and some authorities will offer a bounty for your head. Wild West Online only has PvP battles for this, so there will be no NPCs hunting after you.

If the campaign is successful, it will launch later this year and probably sometime around Red Dead Redemption 2 that also planned to release this year.

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