Mass Effect: Andromeda is the successor for the successful Mass Effect Trilogy released first on 2007.  Yesterday, Bioware published their first gameplay video series which explains more details on combat. The gameplay itself still very similar to the predecessor, a space exploration action-RPG in order to discover and bring the human population to the Andromeda galaxy as the new home.

From the first look at the five and a half minutes video, the noticeable “upgrade” from the previous series is it’s more fast-paced, less covering based and offer a variety of new technique such as leaping and attack from the air. So this new addition will bring some new variety of combat style to the players.

Mass Effect Andromeda jumping attack
Now you can jump and unleash powerful attack from above. Image Courtesy: Bioware official Youtube

This video also focuses on the gunplay and special powers. There are four types of gun available: Pistols, Shotguns, assault rifles, and sniper rifles. There also no class restriction here so you can easily switch any weapon you like.

These weapons are divided into three classes depending on where they come from. Milky Way guns are powerful ballistic weapons, but limited in ammo. Remnant weapons use energy beams; they have unlimited ammo but watch out as they can overheat. The last is Helios weapons which are kind of the combination of Milky Way and Remnant guns, they can shot projectile laser beam and can be charged for the more powerful shot. The other type of weapon is the melee weapons when you get close combat with enemies: hammers and swords.

Mass Effect Andromeda weapon type
There are three weapon types. Image Courtesy: Bioware official Youtube

The next section is about the skills which can be customized based on your fighting style. Combat skills useful to create a powerful soldier with high damage output, improving weapon accuracy, and capable of using some items such as cannon, grenades, and mines. The tech skills useful to equip some experimental weapons or more focus on strategic improvement. For example, they can manipulate enemies so they are easier for your team to kill. The last one is Biotics where you can control the power of mass and gravity biotics. With this abilities you capable of manipulate enemies as your shield or create a powerful explosion towards enemies.

The last thing is about little bit explanation of combat such as how are the enemies behavior, how to effectively use weapons, and your skills in it. There are more Mass Effect: Andromeda gameplay videos to come, be sure to stay tuned with for the next update!

Game Info

Mass Effect: Andromeda
Release Date: March 21, 2017
Publisher: Bioware
Price: Check Price

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