Well, let’s just say the initial impressions were grim, and now that the embargo has lifted, we now know Mass Effect Andromeda doesn’t improve much after the intro. At least, according to some reviewers.

Clunky facial animations, bland dialogue, technical issues and poor story delivery are views shared by several critics regarding EA’s newest Mass Effect title.

Mass Effect Andromeda Doesn’t Have the Spirit of the Original Trilogy

While Mass Effect Andromeda shares its name with the iconic trilogy of the previous console generation, according to the reviews it seems to lack the spirit of what made the Mass Effect trilogy special. The decisions that carry substantial consequences, the memorable characters, and the hallmarks of a great RPG are all missing from Mass Effect Andromeda.

Are these Fair Criticisms?

Are these fair criticisms? There is no excuse for technical problems, but there have been discussions, spurred by Gamespot, that Mass Effect Andromeda was rushed out under pressure from Electronic Arts. We know games in the past that have been rushed out suffer from a myriad of technical problems and general lack of polish. This certainly seems to be the case with Andromeda, but Ian Frazier, the lead designer for Mass Effect Andromeda, stated the game spent five years in development.

What are Some of the Problems?

The bland dialogue and clunky facial animations come down to direction and writing. If this game was rushed, then there may not have been time to have voice actors revisit lines and time for graphic designers to work on improving facial animations. But, if the game wasn’t rushed, then why does it seem to have several issues? Hopefully, an early patch or plans to address these issues will be announced soon.

Youtuber Pewdiepie also makes a video that mocks Andromeda’s clunky facial animations and graphics:

Is There any Good News?

The game is being praised for the planets and their various environments. The sense of wonder and awe are prevalent when exploring. I am also a fan of the Mass Effect series, and I hold the original trilogy in high regard. I haven’t been discouraged from buying Mass Effect Andromeda, but I am tempering my expectations.

You can find all of the reviews compiled on this Reddit review thread, and for more information on Mass Effect Andromeda check back with Calmgamers.com.