“A new Ring is forged…war awaits…and nothing will be forgotten. The next chapter begins with Middle-earth: Shadow of War”

The sequel 2014’s Shadow of Mordor has officially announced by Warner Bros titled Middle-earth: Shadow of War. This announcement is following the leaks of early listing on Target’s website that first spotted by NeoGAF. The developer is the Monolith Productions which is also responsible for the first entry.

Middle-earth Shadow of War Official Trailers and Announcement2
Already finished the Ring, now what?

According to a Kotaku report, Shadow of War will again feature Talion and his ghost companion Celebrimbor. From the trailer, they’re forging their own Ring in order to defeat Sauron. Check out the of Middle-earth: Shadow of War trailer below:

The new version of the Nemesis system will be back in the game. Compare to Shadow of Mordor, in Shadow of War they stated that your style of play and behavior will affect the world’s environment, NPC reaction, and Followers. The new Nemesis Fortresses system will also be added, but there isn’t any detail of this yet.

The game will be released on August 22 in North America and August 25 in Europe (Australia not confirmed yet) and comes in three packages: Standard, Silver, and Gold Edition. The Gold Edition will include two story expansions, two Nemesis expansions, and a Gold War Chest. The story expansions will have a new campaign and playable character while the Nemesis expansions will include new missions, enemies, Orc tribe, and more that has not been detailed yet.

Middle-earth Shadow of War PS4 Edition

Other than PS4, The Middle-earth: Shadow of War will also be released on Xbox One and PC. So, are you excited to waiting for this game?