In last month article about best upcoming PS4 games 2017, we have already mentioned some big titles that will release this year. In fact, there are actually some games that also predicted to be upcoming hits, and we will provide a quick preview of those in this post.

Star Wars Battlefront 2

With the new Star Wars Battlefront 2 trailer, we now know a little bit more about what to expect from it. Dice also released some details about Battlefront 2 that are sure to please fans of

The Battlefront 2 trailer reveals different locales from several time periods of Star Wars saga. Battlefront was very limited in the Star Wars lore it pulled from. Battlefront 2 seeks to change this by exploring the time between Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens with a single player campaign that follows an Imperial Stormtrooper named Iden Versio.

The multiplayer in Battlefront was fun, but it suffered the same fate as many games with exclusive DLC content. The DLC splits the player base and those that don’t buy the new maps get left behind. I was one of those people who did not buy the DLC and quit playing the game a month or two after its release. I would sporadically hop in from time to time, but I always felt out of place after being gone for so long.SWBFII_Reveal_Screenshot_5_SP

I’m hoping Dice and EA stick with their plans to keep the new maps as free content and find other ways to generate revenue.SWBFII_Reveal_Screenshot_7_MP

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Destiny 2

The Destiny 2 campaign is starting to come into focus, and it looks like the Cabal are going to be front and center in the initial campaign. During the trailer, you can see the Traveler has been damaged, there are no Ghosts around, and the city below the Traveler and the Tower is under siege.Strike team

Zavala, Cayde-6, and Ikora Rey are leading Guardians to defend the city while Cabal is laying waste to everything. Seems like this is going to be Destiny’s Empire Strikes Back moment.

I enjoyed fighting the Cabal, and there is information about Destiny’s production that revealed another Raid that was never used in the first game. This raid is a Cabal Raid based on Mars. Maybe we will see that show up in Destiny 2.Cabal

Bungie announced you will be able to carry over characters that have beaten the Black Garden mission and reached level 20 in the first Destiny. However, powers, weapons and Eververse items will not carry over to the new game.

There will be a beta for those that pre-order, and the first beta is slated for some time this summer.

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The geniuses at Insomniac games are behind some of the most iconic PlayStation games in Sony’s catalog dating back to the original PlayStation. Spyro the Dragon, Ratchet and Clank, and the Resistance series were all highly rated franchises that helped sell consoles for Sony.Spiderman symbol

After a brief period making an exclusive game, Sunset Overdrive, for Xbox One, they are back with Sony to work on a standalone Spider-man game exclusively for PS4. Insomniac Games has been tightlipped about the details regarding The Spider-man on PS4, and so far, all we know is what we’ve seen from a handful of screenshots and tweets.

The Spider-man will not be an origin story. Spiderman has a new suit unique to this game. Insomniac Games is working with Marvel on the story elements of the game. The release date is still unknown, and right now 2017 is the only date attached to it. Even then, there is no guarantee that it will come out this year.

spiderman suit

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So, which game are you looking forward the most? Feel Free to comment below!

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