The long-awaited Persona 5 is already here. This game first announced back in 2015, but it got delayed several times and finally released this April. If you didn’t know already, Persona 5 is the game about fills the ‘another day in the life of with special powers’ and all. This time you’re a master thief, looking to overcome challenges and avoiding traps. All the while maintaining your social status, and relationship with your Persona (guardian spirit).

If you a newcomer to the series or already fans and interested in trying the new JRPG then here is ten things you need to know before buying the game:

1. Persona 5 Has Received Great Ratings

Persona 5 metacritics
Persona 5 metacritics score. Image Courtesy:

If you are curious, Persona 5 has been given a rating of 94 from Metacritic, the popular multimedia rating website. Furthermore, it’s way higher than other big-profile game such as Horizon Zero Dawn (89), Nioh (88), Nier: Automata (88), and Resident Evil: Biohazard (87), surprisingly.

Surely the score that great are hard to be missed, right? That score also places Persona 5 in top 10 highest-rated PS4 games of all time.

2. You don’t need to play other Persona games to enjoy Persona 5

Characters from Persona
The characters from Persona. Image Courtesy:

Just like Final Fantasy Series, we can enjoy the Persona without having to play the previous series (though it’s very nice if you do). Each installment of Persona has a different story and does not relate to each other. So don’t worry too much if you haven’t played any of the series.

Or if you are a hardcore Atlus fans, interestingly there are some easter eggs in the game where you may meet the characters from other titles as a cameo.

3. The gameplay is school life and dungeon crawling combined

Persona 5 Where will you go after school
Where will you go after school? Image Courtesy:

In Persona 5, the game follows the same core structure as in the Persona 3 and 4. Between your adventure in the dungeon as in typical RPG game, you also have daily routines to do: go to school, working part-time jobs, and hang out with friends. The perfect balance of these activities is the key in Persona 5 for your character development.

For example, have a higher rank of social link leads to unlocking more skills that useful in dungeon exploration. What you do in your social life, for instance reading more books, spent more time with friends, or attending clubs will make the character development.

4. The game time spans in a year..

Persona daily school routine
Go to school is your daily routine. Image Courtesy:

..and you spent every single day doing everyday lives from going to school then choose whatever you want to do after school time: hang out with friends, to finish quests, working, reading books, etc. There are also some quest that time limited and must be completed at a specified date, and for big dungeon not finish them at time limit means instant game-over. So choose what you will do wisely each day!

5. There is some new addition in combat mechanics

Persona 5 stealth mode
Stealth is a new feature in Persona 5. Image Courtesy:

Beside the same turn-based system as the previous Persona, compare to Persona 4 the latest release has some addition. One of the most notable ones is now you can use stealth to sneak around dungeons and hide from enemies. Just as Final Fantasy series, if you attack enemies while they didn’t see you then you gain the “pre-emptive strike” and vice versa. There is also security meter that fills when the enemy spots you and when the meter is full you’ll be kicked out from the dungeon. Then you’ll be able to return and try again on the next day. So, because some of the dungeons are time-limited, you’ll have to prepare your action carefully inside them.

6. There are Limited Collector Edition to add to your collection

If you are hardcore Persona fans, or if you just love the game, there are limited edition called “Take Your Heart” Premium Edition for Persona 5 too. In this limited edition from Amazon, you will receive the bonus content including SteelBook Edition of Persona 5, nice 4″ Morgana Plush doll, exclusive 64-page Hardcover Art Book, Black School Bag of ‘Shujin Academy’, Collectible Outer Box, and Soundtrack CD.

So, what do you think of Persona 5? Will you buy the game? Let me know what you think in the comment below!