In most of the PS4 forums, many of the questions by the users are how to upgrade PS4′ HDD and whether the system supported external HDD. Well, the fact that it didn’t support external HDD (unlike Xbox One) has raised many objections and complaints regard how Sony didn’t fully support gamers need.

But now it will change soon thanks to upcoming latest 4.50 firmware updates code name ‘Sasuke’, the PlayStation 4 now support external HDD. According to PlayStation official blog, one of the major highlights of the new features is the option to store games and other contents to your external 3.0 HDD. You may still upgrade the internal drive and once this Update installed it will be possible to plug in a USB 3.0 external drive. It also said that it will be compatible with HDD up to 8TB volume. This is a very good news especially for those who tend to buy games in the digital version.

playstation 4 now supports external HDD
PlayStation 4 supports saves data on external HDD. Photo Source:

Your PS4 will automatically recognize the new drive and allow you to start saving content to it directly once plugged in. You can also get the freedom to decide where to save the data: to internal, HDD or cloud storage from the settings menu. In addition, the Content Launcher of the Home Screen will show all the games and apps saved in the external HDD. You now can easily keep track of what apps you started recently. If you plan to buy new external HDD for your PS4 be sure to check our list of best PS4 HDD upgrades here.

The Other Features for 4.50 Updates

This updates also include custom wallpaper feature. Now you are able to set wallpaper for the PS4 home screen from the favorite in-game screenshot. To make the icon and texts in the home screen clearly visible, the updated option to Drop-shadows on text and dim the Function Area will be added.

PS4 4.50 custom wallpaper feature
PS4 4.50 custom wallpaper feature. Photo Source:

The other features for this updates include Quick Menu refresh, which accessed by long pressing the PS button on DualShock 4, now cover even less of your gameplay screen. The purpose of this update is to keep gamers easier to keep in the game without stuck in the menus. Also, there will be simplified notification list which now they condensed all of the tabs in Notification (Game alerts, downloads, uploads etc) into single list. the goal is to make user easier to see all of the notifications in one screen.

The updates said to be coming up in weeks. And though they don’t mention the release date yet the beta is already rolling out. The PS4 users who signed up for the beta and were chosen will receive an email to participate in the program. For more upcoming details, be sure to check back with for the latest info. Also follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook.


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