I had always been a PC gamer until I realized that my PC is very outdated (I bought it at 2010) and I know I will be spending a reasonable amount of money to upgrade. So after consider what to buy between a PC or buying console I finally decide to buy a console, a Playstation 4. One of my main consideration also is FF XV that is launched last month, so I would buy a PS 4 and a FF XV as a start. After a few research, I also found that there was a bundle for PS 4 Slim along with FF XV available. So, I choose that.

After waiting for a couple of days, my PS 4 Slim has finally arrived last week. Just so you know this is my first time buying consoles online on a local eCommerce marketplace, so I’m very nervous. Before this, I bought my first PlayStation and Wii both at the local store. The package was expected to come on Friday night or Saturday morning but until afternoon it still hadn’t delivered. If it’s come late I have to wait another three days because there is a holiday at Sunday till Monday. Fortunately, Saturday night after came home around 09.30 pm I found the package was laying in my living room just delivered ten minutes before. God bless you the courier service!

Now I want to share my comment, opinion, and review about this bundle. I hope this could help you if you interested also in this bundle (and sorry also to my bad photography skill). I was very excited at first unboxing this PS 4 box!

Okay, first is the box. The front box design is similar to what we’ll find inside with black glossy and gold letter. The back box is standard PS 4 product description with FF XV characters as background.
PS4 Slim Final Fantasy XV Luna Edition Unboxing And Review PS4 Slim Final Fantasy XV Luna Edition Unboxing And Review - Box

Open the box, and here is the PS 4 Slim inside:


If we put it horizontally:



Here we can see the front is glossy black and very reflective to light, as you can see my hand holding the camera there. The front (or top, if we put the console horizontally) has pale moon motif with a gold letter “Final Fantasy XV” looks like as being engraved on it.


There is also the name of four main characters of FF XV. Who are they? Well you can read on the image there 🙂

Here is the back (or bottom) of the console. The bottom side here is use matte finish like regular PS 4.


Closer look at the Console

Now we take a closer look at the console. First the front side,


On the left front side, there are Bluray Dvd player, power and eject button. Both are physical button.


On the right side, there are two USB 3.0 Slots to charge your controller, copy data to your external HD or another device. There is also “XV” letter on the lower right side on matte.


The right side (or bottom if we put vertically), there is a small hole at the center, I believe maybe it’s function as the connector to PS 4 Slim vertical stand?


Now we go to the back side.


The back left side contains power cable slot, AUX slot, HDMI and LAN cable slot.


On the right side, there is internal 1 TB storage for this unit. You may upgrade to larger 2 TB if you wish. The top of it is the back vent to release heat out of the console. You have to put the unit at 10 cm minimum from the wall for optimum vent.


Here is the Dualshock that come with the bundle. Unfortunately, it isn’t too attractive and almost has no differences with regular PS 4. It only has an addition of “XV” letter on the right. Nothing special.


Thus bundle, at different edition ( I’m not sure) have FF XV Deluxe Edition with it but I only got standard edition. I guess the bundle with Deluxe edition sold more expensive than mine.


Playstation 4 Slim 1 TB Final Fantasy XV Luna Edition Unboxing Review dvd-game-set

Here is the fullset with my girlfriend posing with it:

Playstation 4 Slim 1 TB Final Fantasy XV Luna Edition Unboxing Review complete-set
So that is my unboxing and review for the Playstation 4 Slim 1 TB Final Fantasy XV Luna Edition. After I got the unit I was very satisfied. The build quality looks elegant, has 1 TB of HDD, and the theme from my favorite games, Final fantasy. In my opinion, the game and the console is worth waiting for. So, I highly recommend this console, either you want to buy new or to replace your old PS 4 ones.

In my next article, I will review Final Fantasy XV. And if you curious I also in process of uploading the first 30 minutes of gameplay on youtube. So, how do you think of this FF XV Luna Edition? please share in the comment form below!

PS: You can also check what are the other PS 4 bundle available at the market here.