Horizon Zero Dawn Version 1.10

Horizon Zero Dawn just got its version 1.10 update. In this update, the ability to buy multiple items from vendors is being introduced. This will make buying supplies like wire and echo shells much more convenient. Before, you used to have to buy each component individually. You could sell multiple items at once, though.Horizon Zero Dawn cinematic 3

Guerilla Games also added the ability to invert the X-axis. This should give players more options over their controls. For those who wish they could change the button configuration in game, remember, you can change your button layout in the accessibility menu under the settings of the PS menu.

GG has also made changes to the drop rate; hopefully, this means animals drop more of the things you need for crafting. Adjustments have been made to the enemy and friendly AI. I already thought the AI was pretty good as far as the machines go, the bandits were quite dumb, though.

The rest of the patch includes fixes for various crashes and bugs during missions. You can find the full list of patch notes on this Reddit thread. For your information, Horizon Zero Dawn is the PS4 exclusive released on February 28, 2017.

Diablo 3 Version 1.18

A new patch for Diablo 3 dropped for PS4. Version 1.18 introduces the seasons game mode to PS4 players. The seasons mode lets you play through the game with new characters each season. You can compete and win unique prizes by participating in the seasonal events.

Diablo III version 1.18 is here

For PS4 Pro owners, Diablo 3 has added 4k output. Now Diablo 3 players on PS4 Pro can enjoy killing demons in 4k glory. There are several other additions and fixes in this patch, and you can find the details here.

Mass Effect Andromeda Headlines a Long List of New Games

Several new games came out this week, none bigger than Mass Effect Andromeda. That’s right folks, your chance to shoot or sleep with aliens is back. Look for our review of Mass Effect in the coming days.Andromeda photo

Several indie games release this week. Quite a few new titles are coming out this week, but none of them will overshadow Mass Effect. Here is the full list of new content on the PS Store this week.