If you’re reading this, chances are you probably own a PS4 by now. You might have also owned a PS2, It’s almost expected at this point. Recently, Sony just posted their best Playstation 4 numbers since release. In fact, it was the best quarter in history which shipped 9.7 million units worldwide during Q3 2016 crushing the record. It made no mention of how many were PS4, Slim, PSVR, or PS4 Pro. Playstation 2 held the previous record, shipping 8.78 million during Q2 2003.

If sales continue at this pace, the PS4 will sell total units more than the PS2, the best selling console of all time. Image Courtesy: Daniel Ahmad (@ZhugeEX)

What contributed to Playstation’s success? How does this change things for Sony? What could we expect in the future?

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How did Playstation succeed so well this year

Sony reported a 20% increase in operating income.  How does it work? According to Sony, development of the PS4 Slim, reduction in hardware and improved software sales are to answer. It is worth noting, however, the PS4 Slim launched at a lower price (50$ less to be exact), potentially earning less than possible.psslimps4

Another important argument to make is Playstation may have won the ‘console wars’ over the year-end holidays. Reports consistently show they outsold Xbox One in the U.S. It’s very important to note that sales are one sided in Japan. They are historically loyal and supportive of their own brands. For PS4 to take sales in U.S must mean a devastating loss for Xbox, although they also report a rise in sales. This could mean consumers are buying second consoles (no problem with that, we all love video games!).

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Playstation’s role in Sony

Playstation’s role in Sony is becoming increasingly important. This year, the Sony Company posted a drop in pretty much everything. This is from TV to smartphones, and music devices. Everything EXCEPT Playstation. There’s a lot of numbers and specifics involved, but the Playstation department managed to post good numbers while changing corporate location, re-branding, and regrouping. They quote “Uncharted” made a lot of this possible. Could this mean Playstation will become the top priority for Sony? A forward focus on their console development sounds extremely exciting.

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A future to dream of?

psvrThey’ve done a pretty good job getting consoles into homes, which I believe is the first step. Playstation could help you control your home, kind of like Apple and Google. Present TV’s, speaker systems, coffee machines, as an add-on to the Playstation, and let it control them. People have no problem spending money on technology in general. Why not a PS4? This overhaul wouldn’t be without its own challenges. It’s difficult to compete with smartphones for lifestyle and quality of life, even if Apple sales are declining at a steady rate. Maybe it’s a good time for Sony to get into the market?

What do you think? Let us know in the comments below!

If you’re interested in specifics, you can find the complete quarterly announcement and details here.

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  1. Your statement about letting Playstation “control” kids is frightening. I love gaming, but I don’t want it to control me or my kids.

    • Hi Watcher38!
      I believe I made a point about us using the Playstation to control tv’s, thermostats and coffee machines!
      I would never want anything to control the kids 🙁

      It would be neat to be able to dim the lights in the room from the couch before starting a movie, don’t you think? 🙂

  2. PS4 is a phenomenon that takes a life of its own.
    In an era of video games where there is intense “so called competition” and predictions of doom and gloom about the rise and total domination of mobile games the PS4 is the only platform that stood out with flying colors and intense critical and commercial success while the Wii U and Xbox One performed horribly.
    Why? or should I say WHY????
    Why does it performs so well and consumers uphold it with great fervor while Wii U and Xbox One stalls.
    Please explain why it’s the only one that stands tall and stands out.

    • Hi!
      Personally, I think it has to do with Japan backing it’s product so firmly. Xbox One is unheard of over there. Meanwhile they grab large share of buyers in North America and Europe.
      This is the only thing I can confidently say is a big factor. I also think Xbox being lumped in with Microsoft might detract Apple customers. I can’t really be sure 🙂

    • Hi, yes the PS4 is actually not the best, for example, the hardware they do not much differ from Xbox one (and far inferior compared to PCs) and many peoples said the online services also not as good as Xbox did.
      but if we talked about a gaming console, what matters much for the gamers are the most basic one: exclusive games available.

      I meant, if you research about the best game of 2016, not surprisingly most of them are PS4 games! I guess this is one of the most important factors that impacts to their sales.

  3. Playstation is a mighty powerful brand. PS1 and PS2 ruled the console landscape. Their worst home console PS3 sold an impressive 87 million units. The legacy of dominance continues with PS4.

    • Hi Hector Wilkins,
      yes they are a mighty brand. But other than that, after less dominant with PS3 they bounce back far better with PS4. Their good treatment of exclusive games such as Uncharted and upcoming Horizon Zero Dawn is one of the main factors I believe.

      Anyway, thanks for visiting us!

  4. Hey Phil, you make an interesting point concerning the PlayStation brand and how Sony might want to leverage that brand into other dynamic experiences. When looking at Sony’s initiative to place their various PlayStation apps into homes we can also look at PS Vue, which is now on Apple TV, all of their Sony smart TV’s and PC, along with their PS Now app, which is now available on Sony’s Blu-ray devices, multiple platforms (PS3/PS4), as well as on PC. Considering your point, and quoting you “They’ve done a pretty good job getting consoles into homes” or in this case, consoles and their apps, which is a first step. While what you are hinting at could sound far-fetched to many naysayers, you might not be that far off. It would only make sense for Sony to wisely manage and cultivate their seemingly most lucrative department in PlayStation for additional gains.

    Great read!

    • Hi Derrick, first of all, thanks for visiting our website!

      I also agreed that Sony must be wisely to manage the hype especially to continue Playstation legacy like they did with PS4. Who knows in the future PlayStation brand will come in much more devices and apps like Apple did?

      • Hi Widnya, exactly!
        Apple is a great example and one has to assume that Sony is looking to expand their PlayStation portfolio beyond simple console usage. While PS Now has many naysayers, Sony is consistently adding new games to the offering, while establishing tremendous profits from the service and the same can be said for PS Vue. I also believe that PSVR will somehow become more than a simple gaming device in the future. I see Sony adopting and implementing newer application for the device which could manipulate other parts of the gamers life as well. In the meantime, Sony is truly making it difficult to deny the PS4 platform based on the quantity and quality of software being exclusively leveraged on the system.

  5. When PS4 was released it was more powerful than the Xbox One and one of it’s advertising points was that it is dedicated to gaming as opposed to Xbox One which is more of a media server integrated into the home. The PS4 was allocating less of it’s processing power to other means. I believe that dedicated gamers respected this leading to increased sales. Although the planned Xbox Scorpio will possibly be more powerful than the PS4 Pro, the PS4 Pro is sufficiently powerful enough and was released much earlier than the new Xbox allowing it to make gains in sales over Xbox.

    • Hi FluffySteve, a nice analysis here!
      Yes, the early release of ps4 pro surely is an advantage so they can “secure” first the console market for 4K gaming than Xbox project Scorpio later on. Beside that, I think the great list of exclusive for PS4 is the major factor in this generation console war 🙂