Some of you probably have a new PlayStation 4 Slim by now. I have bought the Slim version in December instead of the regular version because it’s smaller, more lightweight, and cooler. The release of PS4 Slim FF XV Luna edition is my other consideration too. It feels pretty solid and neat after two months of use, but I also experienced it’s getting pretty warm at the bottom. The top of the hard drive plastic cover even slightly bent because of the bottom heat. It’s supposed to be less heat than regular PS4. In fact, the Slim version has smaller back vents to direct heat than the older version.

PS4 laid horizontally with stands

I don’t even think about it too much until I found one of the PS4 forums that a user, Diana Gunn Fields, has one simple tricks. She stated that her PS4 slim gets pretty warm underneath, so she purchased two additional Wii U stands (she already had the two that came with it) and paired it with her PS4 Slim:

Prevent Heat Underneath the PS4 Slim use Wii U stands
Photo Credit: Diana Gunn Fields

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Now it doesn’t get the entertainment center hot underneath it. She bought the second set only for $2 on eBay. The PS4 Slim now looks cool with the pretty nice set of stands underneath to help with the airflow. 

The Wii U stand

I also posted her solution on our facebook page and has over 700 impressions, so surely many others also experienced this on their PS4 Slim. You can read the full discussion thread on facebook. You may also purchase the Wii U stand from Amazon.

How about the cheaper option?

How if you can’t find Wii U stand seller in your local area or they sell too expensive? Some also gave another solution: use plastic bottle caps! Some with black color, for example, Coca-cola zero caps.

PS4 Slim Prevent Heat Underneath use coca cola zero caps
Photo Credit: Amir Hafizi

You can use one caps on each four sides (like I did) or the bottle caps can be glued and stacked each other to get higher ‘stands’. So if you have trouble with PS4 Slim heating and have some leftover Zero’s caps, don’t throw it away yet; Luckily, the bottle caps has some use now. Some other common solution from most users with PS4 heat issue is by placing them with laptop cooling pad, but leave it turned off.

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(Updated February 2, 2017: add photo credit and relevant information)
(updated February 8, 2017: added Wii U stand image)

So, do you have a PS4 Slim and any other creative ideas about PS4 Slim tricks to prevent heat or maybe some others? Feel free to comment below!