The Horizon Zero Dawn full map was recently leaked online and revealed a large map with different environmental themes. I am going to avoid any story details and descriptions of enemies during this article and just focus on the different locales.

In the game, the map will only be revealed in sections depending on where you’re at in the story. Early screenshots of the maps have shown shaded out sections. However, the new screenshot of the entire map reveals what looks to be a large world. It’s hard to tell without comparing the scale to other game maps.

Horizon Zero Dawn Full world map
Horizon Zero Dawn Full world map. Image Courtesy:

The beginning area starts off in the eastern part of the map, near the snow-capped mountains that feed into a forest. This will be the area where you cut your teeth as Aloy. The group of people Aloy lives with are tribal in appearance. The village and clothing all have Native-American influences. Their villages incorporate lots of natural elements like wood and animal hide.

As Aloy moves forward in her adventure she will head north and then west into more mountainous areas which will eventually give way to a desert region with extremely rough terrain, valleys, and plateaus. To the west of desert is more forest with one of the first big cities revealed in screenshots. To the north of the forests is frozen tundra.

The cities Aloy will encounter here are more modern than her native villages, but still, don’t resemble the fallen futuristic cities of the past briefly shown in some screenshots. Meridian has an Aztec theme in the architecture and clothing and the other city, Sun Fall, looks to have a more traditional European look, but is built right into the mountains. I haven’t seen any non-player characters from Sun Fall. Both cities look to be built on large plateaus with large city walls. It’s hard to get a scale of how large the city areas are, but from the screenshots, they look pretty big.

Spoiler Free Horizon Zero Dawn Full Map Reveal

This game seems to draw heavily from Native-American and South American architecture for the people living after the fall of a futuristic civilization. The fallen cities have all been reclaimed by nature. Roots snake through the carcasses of tall buildings and streets have become avenues of undergrowth. This isn’t your bleak Fallout style nuclear wasteland.

These recent leaks have only bolstered my excitement for this game and we’re only a little over two weeks away. February 28, 2017, is the official North American release date.

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