You may have noticed your PS4 update to its newest version, 4.50. This anticipated update brings several new features to your PS4 many of which have been long desired. This article will list some of the more popular features.

External Hard Drive Support

External hard drive support is finally here; something PS4 owners with large digital libraries have been begging Sony for. This new feature allows you to use external hard drives with a capacity of up to 8 TB. This allows you to install games, apps, and media directly onto an external hard drive from your PS4 via USB. This cuts out the conflict of deciding what game to download or missing updates because there was no storage space.

New Quick Menu

The quick menu has been refined to make it more user-friendly and make party management and friend invites easier than before. You can appear online or offline directly from the quick menu, access your trophies or see who else is playing the same game, control Spotify, and browse your friends who are online all from the same menu that’s accessed in game by holding the PS button.

Centralized Notification Menu

PS4 4.50 update Centralized Notification Menu

In version 4.50, the Notification menu has been completely reworked and combined into one screen. I am not a fan of this change. The old Notification menu had each category separated; the downloads, party invites, game alerts, and other categories all had their own tab. Now, it’s all mixed in one list.

Private Party Chat

One small convenience feature added is the ability to make a current party private. That is a surprising oversight that took a long time to get fixed. Now you can keep out the uninvited guests without having to go through the process of creating a whole new party.

Personalized Home Screens

4.50 Update for PS4 Personalized Home Screens

Finally, for all of you that love to personalize your media with your own video game photography skills, Sony is adding the ability to customize themes on your PS4. Use any screenshot from your media library to set the background image of the home screen. I can tell you now, Horizon Zero Dawn is a great source of photo opportunities to customize your background with. How to do it is easy, From Setting choose Theme, then Custom theme and Select image from gameplay screenshot.
add custom theme ps4

You find the full list of PS4 4.50 details here. For more PS4 news check back daily.